Vogue frames are 20mm deep and 15mm wide.
Traditional frames are 32mm deep and 20mm wide.
Contemporary frames are 20mm deep and 32mm wide of which 5mm is seen.


Your image is printed to Giclée standards on high-quality satin paper.
A matt seal is then applied, which is non-reflective, durable and has the same UV protection as regular glass.
The surface can be cleaned with warm soapy water.


The finished print is bonded to a 1.5mm mount board which in turn is bonded to 2mm kraft backing.
The resulting 3.5mm double substrate is strong and stable.


Vogue and Traditional frames have brackets attached to top corners and contemporary frames have two dovetail notches. These accept wall pins or countersunk screw heads.
Our twin hanging systems allow pictures to lay flush on the wall.
Traditional and Contemporary frames have non-slip buffers attached to all four corners. These provide ventilation and minimise side movement.